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Emotional and Mental Re-Programming

Emotion Drives Your Perception. Perception Drives Your Behavior

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 150 British pounds

Service Description

The best way to illustrate this would be to give you an experience of your own emotional programming. Below is a list of several real life situations. In a moment, I would like you to choose 1 for the purpose of this experiment (please really engage and focus when you do this exercise) 1) Reaching the top of a large roller coaster ride and seeing all the way down the tracks 2) You are standing on a beautiful beach looking out to a magnificent sunset 3) Holding an image of your first love Begin by closing your eyes and then focus on it in your minds eye for around 20 seconds. Notice what you see and hear, and experience how your body responds to what you are imagining. What happened is this. You saw a scene open up on your minds eye and your body responded as if it was real. This is the power of your subconscious mind. Whatever you focus your attention on in the moment, your subconscious responds as if it is actually happening in the now. This is why TV works so well for people as an emotional experience. We know there isn't anyone inside of the TV, however, we can experience an extreme of emotions during a good movie or show. Your subconscious already knew how to have your body respond to the imaginary experience. This happens in the same way when your eyes are open; as you see into your outer world experience, hear, smell, taste, and touch. At all times, your subconscious is reacting by matching incoming data with its stored information database. This is why limiting patterns of behavior, beliefs and reactions repeat themselves over and over again. Alternatively, your conscious mind is more logical, linear and easily expresses all of the positive things you want to experience for yourself. Examples being happiness, success, making more money, improved relationships/working situations and health. Logically, we know what we want to have and how to be, however, it’s not as easy as that because reactions, old patterns, behavior's and limiting beliefs from the subconscious get in the way. This is always subconscious negative programming and this can be changed! Re-Programming your Subconscious: Once we recognize an issues, we simply identify the program that is responsible for causing the limiting emotion or feeling, which is powering the limiting belief, and therefore the perceptual experience of ones self (or the situation). When your sub-conscious works with you, you can 100% achieve anything your heart desires! Just step out of your own way :)

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