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A Definition of Trauma

Trauma can refer to both the event that caused the distress as well as the psychological response that results from it. The impact of trauma can vary from person to person, and it can be disruptive to a person's mental health and overall well-being.


Different Types of Trauma:


Complex Trauma

A result of repeated traumatic events such as  -  Childhood or adult abuse, neglect or social trauma; such as war or social dislocation. 

Single Incident Trauma

Can occur when a person is exposed to a single traumatic event, such as a physical attack, car accident, experience of loss, sexual assault or natural disaster.  


Inter-Generational Trauma

Traumas that are past down through the generations; from the survivors who directly experienced or witnessed the traumatic event. This can lead to higher rates of violence, mental Ill health and addictive behaviours.

Vicarious Trauma

A vicarious trauma can occur when another person's hears, or is exposed to the details of another person's trauma.​

How Do Traumas's Affect People? 

​Guilt, sadness, grief, low energy, anger, become withdrawn, uncontrollable thoughts, hyper arousal and hyper-vigilance, blame, anxiety, sadness, feelings of helplessness, shame, nightmares / flashbacks, regret, low self-worth, PTSD/depression, addictions, alcohol/drug use, etc.


Traumatic, Emotional and Mental Programming:

Trauma is like a broken record that keeps repeating it'self, over and over again. This can occur at any time, day or night, and also in the most unexpected places. All the sensory information surfaces into the person's awareness such as images, sounds and feelings; sometimes this can also include taste and smell.


1. Seeing the event playing out like a movie or a still image in your imagination

2. Experiencing the Trauma Emotions in your body, like it's happening all over again


When a person experiences an emotional trauma, the memory is assigned a negative response to it.  Moving forwards; this can be re-triggered at any time; should the person be presented with any sensory information - Visual, Sound,Smell or Taste - that is similar to the circumstances of the event that took place.

Being Triggered? 

Have you every listened to a piece of music, or read something that took you back in time to a forgotten memory? Did you experience the emotions or the feelings of that memory?  Well; you were triggered!  Have you ever seen a picture or image that transported you back in time?  What emotions, feelings or pictures did you experience in your mind and body?  You were triggered!  Have you every seen a situation playing out around you, or observed something happening over in the distance; and you responded out of proportion too it?  Again, you were triggered!


This happens all of the time to everybody; it's how the unconsciously mind helps us to make sense of the world, stay consistent in our thinking, behaviour and responses.  However when it comes to unresolved trauma, this isn't helpful, and will keep people stuck in a cycle of re-traumatising them selves.

How can I help you become free from Trauma:

My role is to free you from your body's Pre-programmed Trauma Response; so instead of it going into a trauma response loop; should the memory be triggered, you will experience the memory completely differently, enabling you to fell calm and in control. 

This is freedom my friend!  

Freedom from the re-experiencing of past traumatic events and the limiting beliefs and behaviours. You'll feel: Lighter, more creative, confident energetic, more in control of your life and feel more like your true self.

Bespoke Program's

Because my work involves identifying the limiting programming that is driving unwanted behaviours, memories, values and beliefs in a person; it's application is limitless!  I've worked with Singers, Artists, musician, actors, & professionals / none professionals from all walks of life.  

There is only one requirement I need: A deep genuine desire to let go of the weight of your past; your old identity, to become free and step into a fuller, richer, more rewording and successful life. 

To discuss a bespoke package tailored for your needs, time and commitments; simply complete my contact form and I'll respond as soon as I'm able.       

Have a great life, Vinny M Grant.......... Tel: (+44) 7886 259 968.......... Email:

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