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Will it Work For Me?

If you need to talk about your issues; explore them; and pull them apart; the answer is no! I would suggest a counsellor!  If you have a deep desire to let it all go; step into a brighter future, then yes, I can help you become totally free of your issue!


How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This depends on you.  Some people through themselves into the process, and it requires only one session.  Others like to go more slow and may require up to 3 sessions.    My aim is to totally clear the presenting trauma issue; including all underlining issues, patterns and emotions that keep the Trauma Memory active, within your experience. 


What Do You Do?

I help people to become emotionally free from past traumatic experiences; allowing them to let go of old emotional baggage such as: Guilt, Anger, Blame, Shame, regret and destructive behaviours.


Will You hypnotise Me?

No, I don’t use hypnosis! I do however use an 'eyes closed' process, because this enables my clients too easily navigate their inner mind and emotions.  With eyes closed, the client is better able to connect with their unconscious mind; which is driving all of their limiting behaviours, beliefs and thinking.


Will I Know What's Happening?

You'll be fully aware throughout the whole experience; and we will be in constant communication as the emotional transformation is occurring.


What if it Doesn't Work For Me?

If you're unsure, I’d be more than happy to offer you a free 20 minute demonstration of my work.  I wouldn't want you to pay me , unless I know I can give you true value!


​Can You Summarise the Process?

Over Zoom or in person, I use an 'eyes closed' process with all my clients; unless they prefer not too.  This helps the person  to more easily let go and work more affectively with their inner thoughts, emotions, patterns and beliefs.   If you imagine an internal guide helping you to navigate the landscape of your Inner Mind; enabling you to let go of emotional and mental blocks that block your happiness and success; well, this is what I do.


There's only one thing standing between you and what you want to achieve; this is your mental and emotional unconscious body responses; that you experience as emotion and feelings.  They're always rooted in the re-imagining of the past; linked to unresolved emotional memories, limiting beliefs and thoughts.


I use both modern and ancient transformation methods; to help my clients trance-form their unconscious fight or flight response, and there emotional and mental programming. The purpose here is to align positive unconscious responses to their desired outcome. Matters not what the outcome is, it's the same principle.  


​How do I Book an Appointment?

The 'Contact Me' link or Tel: (+44) 7886 259 968.......... Email: 

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